A Naturally Wholesome diet, suited for all dogs

We are determined to deliver a kibble that contains all the right vitamins, minerals, oils and good quality meats. We want to avoid wheats and grains, to help those dogs that are sensitive to them, but to also assist in stopping other dogs building up a sensitivity and intolerance to them.

Grains bulk out a dogs’ diet, they can swell in the tummy and also make the dog feel full without providing the correct nutrition.

We want to provide a diet that is easy for customers to feed all year round, that tastes and smells great, it’s easy to store and transport for holidays and most importantly has the right ingredients to provide a naturally wholesome and balanced diet to create a healthy dog from the inside out.

We know that some dogs can get easily bored, they are very clever at making owners feel like they are not giving them what they want. They give you the eye, turn their head away from the bowl, making you question what you’ve put down. 

With Vale dog food you know that you are giving the best to your dog, naturally wholesome in every mouthful, no questions asked! You won’t need to feel guilty or worried ever again. 

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