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Welcome to Vale dog food. We were founded by two dog trainers, husband and wife that live a busy lifestyle running their small farm in the Northamptonshire countryside. 

As well as owning a pet care business, pet shop and dog groomers, our founders are both recognised dog trainers through The Guild of Dog Trainers. 

Along with the various businesses’ they run, they achieved their extensive knowledge in canine nutrition from working in various other dog related industries. Previously they also bred and trained German Shepherds, a breed that is renowned for having a sensitive digestion. 

As full-time dog trainers, training on average 30 dogs each a year – all of varying breeds, they became very aware of the sensitivities and intolerances that many dogs had, and also those that some developed through adolescent stages.

They saw first-hand how a diet can massively impact on a dogs’ behaviour, it’s appearance and also, it’s development. They realised that getting the right diet for each individual dog is incredibly important, but also easy to achieve – if the right ingredients are sourced.

Vale dog food was created to provide customers with a naturally wholesome diet, packed with the right oils and minerals, and a good, healthy source of protein. Our recipes are different from the others on the shelf, we are one of the very few foods that is wheat and grain free. 

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All of our food is made in the United Kingdom

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